Singers are wanted

You have an extraordinary voice, you see the stage as an integral experience and are looking forward to work with other young people on a very high musical level? Then you are the missing piece of the puzzle for the CHOREOS ensemble.

For the relaunch of the production “The TYGER” CHOREOS has casted three new singers. The ensemble is composed of male and female singers between 18 and 32 years who come together from the whole of Europe for the working phases. Under the leadership of Stephan Lutermann (Conductor) and Lars Scheibner (Choreographer) the works are realized with renowned artists at exclusive locations.


  • between 18-32 years old
  • an excellent choral singer
  • interested in scenic performances
  • ready to be part of an international ensemble
  • speaking English or German
  • looking for new experiences on a very high musical level


We are closed for applications in 2019. New singers will be casted for the next production “Dream (e)scapes 2020” in 2020.



This sounds interesting to you? Then apply and become part of an international network.
Your application should include the application form and (if you like) your video.
Please send us the filled-out application form and some recordings of your voice to:




Please be prepared for the following things:

  • first part from “Tyger” by B. Tommy Andersson. The score will be sent to you after receiving your application.
  • Two of the “Love songs” by Sandström. The score will be sent to you after receiving your application.
  • a short scenic improvisation. The improvisation will be lead by choreografer Lars Scheibner.
  • a choir piece of your choice


If you live more than 500 km away from Berlin it is also possible for you to apply by video:
Please follow these instructions:

  1. Your whole body should be seen on the video
  2. Please tell us your motivation for CHOREOS
  3. Show us your passion for singing
  4. Sing the two mentioned Love songs and the first part from “Tyger” by B. Tommy Andersson (Scores will be send upon request):

send the video as a link (Dropbox, vimeo, YouTube, etc.) together with the application form to