Felicitas und Werner Egerland Foundation

The Felicitas and Werner Egerland Foundation is commited to encouraging the youth in Europe.

Enterpreneur Felicitas Egerland has realized with the founding of her foundation what she and her husband had seen as their personal calling: the support of young people in art, culture and science. The global reach of their former company, the Werner Egerland automobile logistics, with their numerous contacts in Europe was the reason why they decided to apply their attention in the whole of Europe.

The foundation that is based in Osnabrück wants to realize and promote the interest of children and young people in artistic activity as well as cultural and scientific topics. This is implemented through support of non-profit projects and events for children and young people in these areas as well as the granting of scholarships and support for further training and advancement.

Felicitas and Werner Egerland-Foundation for European Youth Advancement in Osnabrück

Interview with Prof. Dr. Felix Osterheider,
Felicitas + Werner Egerland-Foundation

CHOREOS is founded as a completely new choir by Stephan Lutermann – what is it that makes CHOREOS so extraordinary?

This already starts with the name. The elements “Choir” and “Choreography” as well as “Osnabrück”, the basis of our Location are all incorporated. Secondly in this day and age of digitalization and transformation and the online hype to set the focus on such an artistic concept, shows courage and confidence. Confidence in artistic minded people who are willing to try something completely new. Confidence in an audience that is ready to leave behind tried and tested audio customs. And confidence that a reliable sponsor is found who will walk the path of “terra incognita”.

What drew you towards this project and why did you decide to support it?

In our view this is a rewarding experiment so that great works of our culture do not gather dust but become alive again. We need such social highlights that are emotional and intensive if such culture should be attractive for new target groups. At the same time we also admire the artistic and organizational approach that is in this “start-up” company – it is an ambition that is similar to that of our donors who were brave and successful in their entrepreneurship. We also know and trust the founder, Stephan Lutermann.

The choir is young and international – which form of dialogue are you hoping for amongst the singers in such turbulent times?

Music connects people – a wisdom we all know about. And yet it is true: to be bound together by an artistic goal and trying to find it with the help of musical excellence and connect it with high performance is pure understanding. The common experience, carrying the experiment together and the success will mould the participants of CHOREOS for the rest of their lives. This stabilizes and puts audible signs against a political madness (?)

If you put yourself in the role of an uninvolved member of the audience, which expectations would you have from a performance by CHOREOS?

From a performance by CHOREOS we expect excellence, empathy and honesty. The artistic work should be a success; the participants should be filled with joy and a positive radiance and the organizers should discuss with their donors the experiment honestly and analyze it after the experiment has been completed.