The fundamental connection between music and scenic performance – this will be the intent with which CHOREOS wants to produce a new quality of musical scenic performances.

„In Greek antique a chorus was the name for a defined dancing space. Later it meant a round dance itself, especially when it was connected to singing during festivities or to honour a God. At the end the name meant the unity of dancers and singers, which were part of the content of a drama performance.“

The long-term experience of scenic choreographic work with different choirs shows us that singing or experiencing music is always connected to a primal impulse to movement. This primal impulse is unfolded our production, connect it to space and light and bring it all together in our performance. The result is a new musical work in a physical wholesomeness in which sound and movement do not compete but complement and enhance each other in fruitful ways.

We are not interested in creating pictures for the music – we enhance the uncompromising sound to another level of perception, we heighten and amplify the body consciousness of our singing performers. We use the knowledge about the space and the powerful energies therein for our performances of choir singing. The dialogue between the perception of the inside and outside, the area of tension between mind and matter and the interaction between individual and collective – those are the general principles of our scenic creations.

The perfection, the longing for it and the experience of the impossible – this is where we begin with the research for our first scenic work with CHOREOS.

Stephan Lutermann and Lars Scheibner 23 April 2016