CHOREOS Kids Project

In January 2019 the CHOREOS Kids’ Project began. As a complementary addition to the ensemble CHOREOS, 16 young people aged 14 to 17 went to Neustrelitz to work on a performance titled “Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow” under the direction of Stephan Lutermann and Lars Scheibner. The rehearsals were conducted by Lenka Liebling and Grit Kolpatrik. This project seeks to excite and awaken the imagination and powers of self-expression of the young people through the ancient impulses of singing and dancing.
The performance was created in cooperation with the Deutsche Tanzkompanie Neustrelitz. The topic of “Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow” was further developed by the students of the 10th grade of the Gymnasium Melle. Under the supervision of their teacher Stefan Schneider and a professional video artist, they created video clips which were integrated as components of body movements in the performance of CHOREOS with the help of the Augmented Reality Video Equipment of the physicist Dr. Marcus Doering.
Here are the first visual impressions of the project.



Audrey Snyder (*1953)
“Durme, Durme"

Ofer Ben-Amots (*1955)
"Dreidl Song"

Markus Munzer Dorn (*1955)
“Scarborough Fair”

Pharell Williams (*1973)